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Lash primer

Lash primer

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In our opinion it’s all in the preparation when it comes to long lasting lashes so this product is essential when it comes to lashes that last!!

Lash Primer dissolves natural oils, dirt and makeup on natural lashes so that you have a clean base to start your work this product also Lash primer also balances the pH level of your natural lashes, resulting in a better bond between the extensions and natural lashes so ultimately means longer retention for your clients = happy days!

Our ProPrimer removes oils, proteins and product residue to create the perfect base for your lash sets

Contains alcohol to clean the lash


How to use:

Once the client's lashes have been taped and secured, use a microfibre brush to apply a small amount of primer to the client's natural lashes.

For professional use only

PLEASE NOTE - Once opened due to hygiene reasons liquids are non refundable or exchangeable.

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