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Fangirl Collection fibre tip tweezer

Fangirl Collection fibre tip tweezer

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Our Fibre Tip tweezers are the game changing addition to the lash tweezer world! 

Finest grip with groove technology 

Premium matte finish 

Highest quality steel 

Perfect for creating volume & mega volume fans.

Can be used for russian and classic lashes.

The fibre tip of the tweezer is made from high-quality stainless steel and the texture of the metal fibre grips all the lashes within the tip. This means that the whole tip or boot of the tweezer is the "sweet spot" or "biting point". Because of the amazing grip, you can pick up lashes easily and you can also pick up large dimension fans while keeping them all neatly and perfectly in place.

* We hand-test our tweezers

* Made from high quality stainless steel

* Tweezers are hand-picked for our collection to make sure they are lightweight and precise

* Unfortunately we do not accept refunds on tweezers because of hygiene.

Tweezers are possibly the most important tool as lash tech and if using faulty or poor quality tweezers then this is really going to make your job difficult huns so if you looking for the perfect eyelash extension tweezers to make your lash career as easy as possible? then look no further!! Curved, straight, angled - we’ve got you! Our tweezer range is hand tested using multiple techniques to ensure unbeatable grip & precision. Crafted using premium quality German steel & finished off to the highest standard.

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